Defensive Score Sheet: Michigan vs. VCU

Everyone talked about VCU's "Havoc" defense fueled off press-caused turnovers.

When push came to shove it was Michigan's tried-and-true man-to-man defense that wrecked the havoc at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Michigan cruised to a 78-53 victory against the Rams -- a team coming off a 46-points win over Akron in the Round of 64.

In the end it was really Michigan's offensive efficiency that carried it to victory, although a defensive efficiency of 81.9 isn't exactly bad. It's pretty great, actually, but scoring 1.2 points per possession is going to win you pretty much every game you play.

And in the "sometimes numbers do lie" category, Mitch McGary played a phenomenal defensive game. Unfortunately for him much of VCU's offense came from bigs in the post. There's a chance McGary, knowing he was having a career game offensively, didn't want to pick up cheap fouls and was a little lax on the defensive end but the fact he appears to be the "worst" defensive starter makes you question the box score.

One thing you can't question: If Michigan plays like this defensively against Kansas (and potentially Florida, Syracuse and then Louisville) there is no reason the Wolverines can't win the 2013 NCAA National Championship in a year where no team is truly that much better than the rest.