Defensive Score Sheet: MSU at Michigan

When the Spartans beat the Wolverines 75-52 earlier this season Tom Izzo said the following: That's the best game we've played in about three years and that's probably the worst game (Michigan's) played all season. Keep it it perspective.

The only people who didn't were the Spartan and Wolverine fanatics on both sides of the spectrum.

This time around the Wolverines played arguably their best defensive game of the season while the Spartans came up empty on crucial possessions, especially the game-ending one.

Here is the defensive score sheet from the game for both teams:

Despite completely erasing a 10-point deficit and having the chance to win the game on the last possession Trey Burke picked Keith Appling's pocket during an inexcusable brain fart of a moment. The break-away Burke dunk gave Michigan the winning points. (Burke also broke up a desperation pass in the closing seconds on what could have been another game-winning MSU shot attempt). 

In the end, the Spartans had two possessions in the final 30 seconds. Defensively, Michigan - more specifically Burke - ended both with two steals while the Spartans didn't get off a shot.

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