Egg Beaters: A History

2013 Finals: While technically both Chris' eggs, Nick held the
"UPS" egg while Chris held the winning "#2" egg. 
[UPDATE - April 18, 2014 - with 2014 Bracket and results at bottom]

For as long as I can remember we've cracked or "shucked" eggs at Easter Dinner. We would say, "Christos Anesti" (Christ Is Risen) followed by "Alithos Anesti" (Truly He Is Risen) before hitting eggs with one another.

Being as competitive as I am and with Easter Sunday typically falling around March Madness I found that it made perfect sense to create an Egg Brackets.

In 2009, the annual Egg Beaters Tournament was born.

The first tournament (2009) only had 24 eggs and took place at my in-laws' Gladwin lake home. There were only four crackers - Me, my wife Nicole, Father-in-law Bill (Pops) and Mother-in-law (Ma) - and we had six eggs each. It was an absolute hoot. We only hit the points (tops) of the eggs as doing both top and bottom would make it impossible to follow a traditional bracket.

My "worst" egg, named "#2" ended up winning the whole thing. (Beating my wife's No. 1 egg, "Nikki" in the finals was icing on the cake)! For fun, we actually went through the entire bracket again, this time hitting egg butts. I won again, this time with my No. 1 seeded "MSU" egg beating Ma's aptly-named No. 6 seeded "Bertha Butt" in the finale.

There was a two-year hiatus of sorts to the tournament. We spent Easter in Las Vegas in 2010 and obviously spent more time at the roulette table and in Poker Rooms than cracking eggs.

In 2011 our focus was more on our newly-born son Liam - who was about eight weeks old. We did end up cracking eggs in a non-bracket format at my wife's Grandma and Papa's house to somewhat keep the tradition alive. 

I'm not quite sure how this all worked as we basically had a "Final Five" and had two finals matchups. Pops defeated Papa Wilds with his "Blue" egg to win, only to find out that I still had my "Green" egg left. Naturally, my Green egg won in the second finals which will forever have an asterisk attacked to the victory.

The official Egg Beaters Tournament returned in 2012 when we hosted Easter at our rental house in Chesterfield. The egg field grew to 36. It was a very bittersweet day as my wife's Grandma Wilds passed that morning turning what was supposed to be a glorious Easter celebration into a somber day. What helped us through the day is cracking eggs with my Mom, step dad (Dan), Papoo and Yia Yia.

It was only fitting that Papoo and Yia Yia reached the finals with Papoo's "worst" egg, named "Pink Breakables" winning. (Papoo named the egg that because he thought it was such a bad egg he thought just naming it something related to the color would suffice). Yia Yia's No. 5 seed "3-Day Walk," a pink egg, was the runner-up. 

In 2013 the tournament was just starting to take off. We hosted Easter at our new Novi home with my brother finally joining in on the egg cracking. Nick joined Papoo, Mom, Dan, Jason (Dan's eldest son), Nicole and me in the 44-egg field. 

For the second time in the 3-year history of the official Egg Beaters Tournament my "#2" egg was victorious. It bested my brown No. 7 seeded "UPS" egg in the finale (Nick stood in as my competitor). This was also the first time we named all four regions. They were: The Northwest Omelet County Region, The Maine Man Egg Region, The Southeast Sausage Region, and The Phoenix Bacon City Region. 

Like the NCAA Tournament, the 2014 Egg Beaters Tournament expanded to a record-setting 68 eggs that included four "Play-In" or "First Four" games!

We had a 10-person field that included Me, Nicole, Mom, Dan, Papoo, Pops (Mosu), Ma (Buni), Cara, her son Philip and, of course, Liam. There's a reason a full-blown 68-egg tournament was necessary, right? All adults had seven eggs in the field while both Liam and Philip had six each. It worked out perfectly that each of the adults' "worst" egg was seeded in a Play-In game, making it as realistic to a real talent-based field as possible.

A 1, 6, 10 & 14 seed Final Four? That was the 2014 Egg Beaters Tourney!
Of course, with all that work, we still had "unbelievable" upsets and a ridiculous seed makeup in the Final Four! A pair of No. 16 seeds - Pops' "Mosu Face" and Dan's Play-In game winner "Patriot Games" - sprung upsets over No. 1 seeds "Liam Green" and Mom's "Chartreuse," respectively. Three No. 15 seeds - Chris' "Bad Boys," Papoo's "Nick" and Mom's "Onion" egg, the latter a Play-In winner - beat No. 2 seeds.

The only No. 1 seed to make the Final Four was Nicole's "Christ Is Risen" egg. The others: Cara's No. 6 seed "7," Dan's No. 10 seed "EMU," and Philip's No. 14 seed "1." (NOTE: Papoo had five eggs in the Sweet 16 and three in the Elite Eight but he didn't have a single egg in the Final Four).

In the finals, Cara's "7" egg beat her son Philip's "1" egg to claim the 2014 Egg Beaters Championship.

CHAMPIONSHIP: Cara's "7" egg defeats Philip's "1" egg. 
Other notable happenings from the tournament included Papoo's "Dan" egg literally making Buni's "Kristin" egg explode on a hit. Seriously, egg shards were airborne! Last year's defending champion and 2009 winner - Chris's "#2" egg - was beat in the first round's 8/9 game by Liam's "Snot" egg on a questionable side hit. Replay evidence was inconclusive so "Snot's" victory stood. (Snot would end up defeating No. 16 seed Mosu Face in the second round to reach the Sweet 16).

The two-time champion - Chris' "#2" egg - gets
busted by Liam's "Snot" egg in the first round!
It should be noted that there also was an Eggstravaganza Tournament (think of this as the NIT) held at Aunt TJ's house on Easter Sunday. It was a little more chaotic and frantically organized but still fun with a 32-egg field.

Thanks to a Steve Fisher-like coaching change before the tournament, Ma took over Rich's "Rich Blue" egg - renaming it "Buni Blue" and won five consecutive cracks to win the tournament. It defeated Ronnie's ... ahem... "Boob" egg in the finals.

Ronnie and his "Boob" egg are sizing up the competition in "Buni Blue."
We're looking for 2015 to be even better, although 2014 will be tough to beat!