Eric Ebron?

Like clockwork the Lions disappointed their fans again by ignoring many needs and taking another "offensive weapon" in the first round.

Eric Ebron is the best tight end in this draft - by far - but that doesn't mean he's a good draft pick. If the Lions had an average back seven and needed offensive help then the pick isn't terrible. (Some would argue, and I'm one of those people, that taking a tight end in the Top 10 and even the first round doesn't make sense). He has good measurables (6-foot-4, 245 pounds) but he's not what Detroit needs.

The newest "offensive weapon" for the Detroit Lions - TE Eric Ebron.

Yes, he'll be used in the Jimmy Graham role as the Lions have been stressing since making the quick pick less than 24 hours ago. Said former New Orleans QB coach and new Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi: "They're not exactly the same players, but they're both very athletic guys. Jimmy has a little more length. Eric might have a little more quickness, I would say. There will be some things we did with Jimmy in New Orleans that we'll do with Eric and maybe some things we can do with Eric that we didn't do with Jimmy."

I'm not going to bust chops for finding a guy that seems to fit the offensive scheme that can improve the offense. I think Erbon fits the Lions offense quite well. Herein lies the problem: The defense is really atrocious and there were cornerbacks and safeties galore that went in the first round. Nearly every one could have been a Lion. Heck, even solid linebackers - another big need - were ignored.

As my tweet said, it was a typical Lions pick - going for glamour and glitz over rational thinking. I used the Steelers and the Ravens as two examples because they were easy. Both teams have featured stout defenses for a decade. While both could use offensive help they know their offenses are serviceable enough to survive with a really good defense. Both added linebackers - Pittsburgh went with Ohio State's Ryan Shazier, Baltimore went with Alabama's C.J. Mosley - at picks No. 15 and 17, respectively.

If the Lions do address the secondary and linebacking corps in Rounds 2 and 3 on Friday that would be the first step in making things "right." However, that won't completely justify Ebron in Round 1.