2015 Bracketology (Penultimate Bracket)

We're about 18 hours away from a de facto national holiday in the sports world: Selection Sunday.

With a handful of automatic bids still left to hand out, here's where the bracket stands heading into "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."

BATTLE FOR THE NO. 1 SEEDS: It's pretty clear that Kentucky and Villanova will grab spots on the top line. Conventional thinking sees Duke, Wisconsin and Virginia battling for the final two No. 1 seeds although there is always the outside shot WCC Champion Gonzaga or Arizona, if the Wildcats continue dominating the Pac 12 Championship Game and win the tournament title, could claim a No. 1 seed.

Duke's overall body of work, not to mention the two best road wins in the country (at Wisconsin and at Virginia) make it an easy choice for one of those remaining top seeds. I give the edge to Wisconsin, at the moment, for the final No. 1 seed. If Michigan State slays Wisconsin in tomorrow's Big Ten title game then I think Virginia sneaks back on the top line and the bracket shuffles a bit. History has shown the committee, in a pretty close resume comparison, goes with a conference tournament champion over its counterpart (see 2014: Virginia vs. Michigan).

The bubble cut line is becoming fairly more clear, although there will be some debate. Those final two spots seem to be between Boise State, Temple, Murray State and Mississippi. It really could go any way. Maybe some more resume examinations in the morning will help sort it out. Or, maybe UConn will steal a bid the same way Wyoming did earlier on Saturday and that will make the cut line more defined.

Expect our final projection around 5:30 p.m. tomorrow (at conclusion of Big Ten Tournament Championship Game).