24 1/3 innings: The end of the Tigers' season-opening shutout streak

It took 24 1/3 innings but the Detroit Tigers finally surrendered a run in 2015.

Minnesota's Kennys Vargas doubled to left center with one out in the seventh inning, but Joe Mauer only scored when left fielder Yoenis Cespedes somewhat booted the ball and allowed it to get past both himself and center fielder Anthony Gose.

Due to the next two batters striking out and flying out the run remained unearned. So, we can all blame Cespedes for snapping the streak that should be at 27 innings right now.

The streak puts the Tigers third on the all-time list (since 1900), trailing only the 1963 Cardinals (3+ games, 32 innings) and the 1943 Reds (2+ games, 26 innings).

Detroit is the king of the American League, however. The 1947 White Sox were the previous leaders with a 22-inning streak.

Here's the pregame story that detailed the Tigers and the streak heading into Thursday's game.