Bracketology - March 9, 2016

More chaos, please.

Well, there really wasn't that much chaos on Tuesday as three of the four bids handed out - Green Bay (Horizon), Fairleigh Dickinson (Northeast) and South Dakota State (Summit) were not bid stealers.

Gonzaga's win over St. Mary's in the WCC title game could stir the pot. Many felt St. Mary's was safe either way and that Gonzaga needed to win to reach the NCAA Tournament for the 18th straight season. Well, we'll see what happens with the Gaels now. St. Mary's best wins were against Gonzaga (twice in the regular season) and the Gaels didn't leave California in the nonconference. It's not the best-looking 27-5 we've seen, so there will be some sweating in Moraga for a few days.

If we assume Gonzaga is a bid stealer, that means out last team in as of this morning (Monmouth) is out. If Gonzaga just replaces St. Mary's, then Monmouth is safe. Resumes are still fluid right now, and a Monmouth/Valpo/Wichita State debate will rage on. Heck, if a team like Michigan can knock off Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals that could boost the Wolverines back into the field. The same can be said about Syracuse if the Orange beat Pittsburgh and North Carolina in the ACC Tourney.

Oh, madness... Here's our updated bracket:

LAST FOUR BYES: St. Bonaventure, UConn, Wichita State, Monmouth; FIRST FOUR OUT: Syracuse, Valparaiso, Michigan, St. Mary's (CA).


  1. This is my very first time to know about bracketology, thats why i didnt really understand your article. it would be great if you explain it a little please.


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