Penultimate Bracketology - March 13, 2016 (AM)

The selection committee uses the phrase "entire body of work" year after year. This season, maybe more than others, it will have to put its money where its mouth is if it wants to safe face.

Kansas is the clear choice for the No. 1 overall seed. It gets murky after that, but a team like Virginia has the second best resume in the country. Michigan State, Villanova and Oregon, in that order, have what I would coin the third, fourth and fifth best resumes, respectively.

That means North Carolina's best hope should be for the No. 2 seed in the South region. We'll see if the committee caves to the "this team won both its regular season and conference tournament championship" bit as the be-all, end-all to the debate. If that's the case, then Oregon should join UNC on the No. 1 line and so should the winner of the SEC Tournament (Kentucky/Texas A&M). It's stupid logic, really, if the entire body of work really matters.

Okay, I'm off the soap box. Here's the bracket updated through all of Saturday night's (early Sunday morning's) games:

LAST FOUR IN: Monmouth, Temple, Vanderbilt, Michigan; FIRST FOUR OUT: San Diego St., South Carolina, Syracuse, Valparaiso
My S-Curve order for protected seeds: Kansas, Virginia, Michigan State, Villanova, Oregon, Oklahoma, North Carolina, West Virginia, Xavier, Utah, Kentucky, Miami, Duke, Indiana, Maryland, Purdue.

No results tomorrow will change that order, meaning those should be your Top 16 seeds in an order pretty close to that. 

UConn has moved safely into the bracket while South Carolina has moved out. Our only other changes were reassessing and moving Wichita State out of the dreaded First Four game and putting Monmouth back into that game. 

Sunday's Bid-stealer game: Memphis vs. UConn. I think the Huskies should be safe with a loss, but it wouldn't hurt to win. A Memphis win, however, is a definite bid stealer and me thinks Michigan gets the boot. In reality, any of the last four in teams (you could throw St. Bonaventure and Wichita State into that mix as well) could be bumped out.

It should be a wild Selection Sunday regardless, just as we always hope.


  1. Hi Chris, I love your reasoning in keeping Nova a 1. I have been battling people on twitter about why Nova should, and will be a 1 seed. Just to let you know, I have been linking your page in some of my twitter responses. But at all times I clarified "© Deuce2sports, Chris Mackinder." I am a lawyer so just covering myself legally. Don't want to take credit for your site :) Anyway, I love your bracket. It's on point!


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