Bracketology - 3.2.17

Winning is really the perfect formula, folks. Wednesday saw plenty of bubble teams pick up huge victories. Northwestern used a last-second Hail Mary of sorts to beat Michigan; Wake Forest finally slayed a ranked opponent by beating Louisville; Illinois continued to stay red hot by beating Michigan State (and is a win at Rutgers away from getting to .500 in the Big Ten); Marquette, Rhode Island, and Kansas State also picked up big wins.

At this point, it'll come down to closing the regular season and some big-time conference tournament results to settle the bubble line, but at least teams are trying to play themselves in, right?

Here's our bracket through Wednesday night's games.

LAST FOUR IN: Seton Hall, Syracuse, Illinois, Wake Forest
FIRST FOUR OUT: Vanderbilt, Kansas State, USC, Rhode Island
NEXT FOUR OUT: TCU, Indiana, Georgia, Georgia Tech

There aren't too many changes in the middle of the bracket. Kentucky looks poised to find itself on the No. 2 line, but if we get an Oregon/Arizona or Oregon/UCLA Pac-12 title game rematch (and Kentucky and Florida fail to win the SEC Tournament) it wouldn't be shocking to see a pair of Pac-12 teams on the No. 2 line.

The majority of the shuffling is in lines 8-12. Most 8/9 seeds are safe, although a team like Michigan State might want to win one more game at this point.

Wake Forest and Illinois are trying to play their respective ways in the tournament. What better way to settle it than in the First Four, no?