Bracketology - 3.3.17

Off, Wisconsin?

The Badgers are in a mighty free fall. Losers of five of six, including last night's heartbreaker against Iowa, Wisconsin has descended down the seed list in the past few weeks from a solid 4/5 seed to a No. 7.

Yes, the Badgers could play their way back up to maybe a No 5 with a Big Ten Tournament title, but without many great wins and some questionable losses down the stretch, this is looking like a team that could, worst-case scenario, find itself in the 8/9 game on Selection Sunday.

LAST FOUR IN: Syracuse, Illinois, Wake Forest, USC
FIRST FOUR OUT: Vanderbilt, California, Kansas State, Rhode Island
NEXT FOUR OUT: Indiana, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Houston

Not many other changes in the bracket. California officially sent the message it doesn't want to hear its name called on Selection Sunday, losing by 30 to a NIT-bound Utah team Thursday. California's profile was one that couldn't afford bad losses and just needed victories. This truly hurts. USC, which needs to avoid losing at Washington on Saturday, is now the last team in the field.

In re-evaluating some resumes, Cincinnati slid up to the No. 5 line and SMU was a No. 6. The teams are pretty close in terms of resumes, although some might argue they should be flipped. Either way, Cincinnati is No. 20 on the S-curve while SMU is No. 21.