Bracketology - 2-11-18

Thanks the the NCAA college basketball selection committee taking a page out of the College Football Playoff Committee's book and giving a sneak peek at the rankings, we have an "official" Top 16 to work from.

Naturally, there seem to be some issues. Arguably the best team in the country doesn't quite have a top-tier resume. (Making an Alabama football to MSU basketball analogy here)... Will MSU get the benefit of the doubt, if it runs the table, to find a spot on the top line, or, at the very least, as one of the first No. 2 seeds?

The other qualm many will indeed have with the committee is this: "So-and-so has (fill-in-the-blank) Quadrant 1 and 2 wins." Again, we're reaching the point where people are discounting losses completely; as long as a team has played a lot of Q1 and Q2 games, winning a handful, of course, losses won't be discussed.

A team like Kansas has nine Q1 and Q2 wins which, according to the committee's No. 2 seed (sixth overall) is enough to eliminate six losses, including one at home to Oklahoma State and another on the road at Baylor.

We'll see if the committee listens to the outside noise over the next week or so based on the initial rankings and maybe changes some things. One thing is certain: The first year of the "quadrant experiment" will absolutely throw some wrenches into the bracket.

Here's the first Deuce2Sports Bracketology of the season:

LAST FOUR IN: UCLA, Louisville, Houston, USC
FIRST FOUR OUT: Marquette Syracuse, St. Bonaventure, Nebraska