Bracketology - 2.19.18

One week after the initial "Top 16" release has produced typical mid-February carnage. Here's our updated bracket which features plenty of changes from our initial bracket last Sunday.

Last 4 In: UCLA, USC, Baylor, Penn State
First 4 Out: Louisville, St. Bonaventure, Syracuse, Marquette
Next 6 Out: Boise State, Washington, LSU, Nebraska, Utah, Notre Dame

The most notable changes are two teams - Penn State and Baylor - moving into the field this week while Washington and Louisville have dropped out.

Nebraska couldn't afford any losses - bad or otherwise - to maybe sneak into the field with plenty of wins but none of real quality. Instead, Nebraska lost at Illinois on Sunday to all but kill any chances of going dancing.

Keep an eye on Notre Dame. While they are No. 10 on my list of teams missing the cut, the Irish have plenty of chances left to make a splash and Coach Mike Brey says star Bonzie Colson is expected back in a week. If Colson helps lift Notre Dame's play, the Irish could be a surprise team playing in Dayton and, when healthy a legit Sweet 16 squad.