Bracketology (Seed List) 3.4.18

Here's our updated 68 thru Saturday's games:

Notable changes: Duke replaces Kansas on the No. 1 line. Purdue edges past MSU on the No. 2 line. Michigan is now on the No. 3 line (stays there by winning the Big Ten Tournament Championship and settles nicely on the No. 4 line).

In re-evaluating some sheets, NC State is a really dangerous team who is trending upward. Florida, when playing its best, would be a major sleeper as a No. 7 seed. Also, teams like Alabama and Providence better hope a team not named Cincinnati, Wichita State or Houston wins the AAC tournament and there are no bid stealers in other major conferences. There are a half dozen teams on the bubble in incredibly precarious spots.

Last 4 Byes: Florida State, UCLA, Arizona St., Texas
Last 4 In: USC, Baylor, Alabama, Providence
First 4 Out: Louisville, Syracuse, Marquette, Notre Dame
Still Breathing: Penn St., Boise St., Washington, Mississippi St., Nebraska