Bracketology - Feb. 11, 2019

Per usual, our first posted bracket projections come after the NCAA unveils their "Top 16" teams list in early February. Judging from that ordered list, we've shuffled through the teams to fill out the rest of the bracket.

A few notes: There are plenty of teams at the bottom (at large seeds 10-12) that will play themselves in or out of the bracket from this moment forward (ahem, Indiana and Oklahoma). It's strange that those two teams are a combined 7-16 in their respective conference and have a grasp on an at-large spot, especially Oklahoma on the No. 10 line!

If you look at this bracket (and others) and see a top-heavy bracket, you're not alone; The top 18ish teams are head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the pack, and there is a decently-sized gap between Nos. 1-5 and Nos. 6-16 in my opinion. This could very well be the second year in NCAA Tournament history to see four No. 1 seeds in the Final Four -- and that shouldn't surprise anyone.