Bracketology (Feb. 28, 2019)

Another week, another bracket. No major changes from Monday's release other than Kansas jumping back up to the No. 3 line at the expense of LSU (No. 4) and Kansas State, after reevaluating the entire resume, grabbing a No. 4 seed and bumping Nevada to a No. 5.

As good as Nevada is, the Wolfpack have played exactly zero Q1 games. The gaudy record would be taken more seriously had the team played a Gonzaga-esque schedule. Instead, with no Q1 games, the resume won't stand up to what the committee will eventually settle on for the Top 16 seeds. Nevada is a good team that could make the second weekend or even the Final Four, but they'll have to do so with a higher seed than expected.

One other note: Houston is 27-1 and is No. 4 in NET rankings. Most people have seemingly put the ceiling for the Cougars at a No. 3 seed. While the top eight teams are strong, there is no reason to think Houston running the table (heck, even sustaining another highly-impressive loss) would keep them from a No. 2. Right now, I have Houston as the No. 8 overall team, slightly ahead of No. 9 Michigan. It's really a coin flip, and the Wolverines have plenty of chances to enhance an already-solid profile. When the dust settles, I'd argue it's a three-team race for the final two No. 2 seeds between Houston, Michigan, and Tennessee.
Last Four Byes: NC State, Temple, Murray State, UCF
Last Four In: Seton Hall, Alabama, Minnesota, Utah State
First Four Out: Lipscomb, UNC-Greensboro, Georgetown, Furman